Saturday, October 6, 2007

Killer Buses or Careless Blokes

A body was seen stuck to the chasis of a Delhi city bus and on the discovery of it the driver fled. The body apparently was charred and unrecognisable. The callousness of Delhi bus drivers have become a legend and notice board in the the city's prominent ITO crossing lists number of deaths on Delhi's roads which beats mortality rates of all the killer diseases. The Delhi bus drivers are what they are, but my driving around the city and watching the way pedestrians walk, motorcyclists rush and cyclists cleave their way, I feel the bus drivers are not to blamed for everything.

The other day we saw over 10 kids hanging behind the bus and some alternating between the rear bumber of the bus and the footboard in busy Mehrauli-Badarpur Road. The bus was'nt that crowded and was definitely not the last bus home and it looked that the kids were just having such dangerous fun. A sudden brake would have had them into their last journey. It is amazing that people driving behind were so unconcerned. A small hint to the driver and they would have been reprimanded and potential accident could be avoided.

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